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So Many Updates!

A lot has been happening in the world of WWR! Here's just a partial list of all that we've been up to since last November.

February 2019 We finally found a stand-alone space for the workshop! It needed a lot of work, but nothing we couldn't handle.

March 2019 We did a lot of work on the main floor of the workshop, including building cleat walls to hold tools. 
We got a grant to work with another organization to run "Mommy & Me" free workshops to build faux lanters. They are so cute!

April 2019 We spent time cleaning out the attic area of the workspace, which was quite a feat. 
We did a workshop on tool basics for a local girl scout troop, because we will be working with them to build a gaga ball court. 
We held workshops for raised garden beds and tiered cedar planters (a favorite from last year). 

May 2019 We had a Mother's Day "Mommy & Me" workshop to build bug hotels, which are seriously the cutest. 
We built shelves in the attic space to sto…

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