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Mommy & Me Candy Machines

One of the best things that's emerged for us this summer is a new set of Mommy & Me Workshops. These workshops are so awesome. Moms (or other adult female guardians) work with a child between the ages of 5-18 to make something awesome. Both moms and kids get to learn to use tools, with moms using saws and routers and kids using tools like drills, speed squares, and tape measures. 
By FAR the favorite of these new Mommy & Me workshops has been the candy machines. What's not to like about building something that magically gives you candy?! We've already run this workshop twice, plus once with WWR Board members, and our third session is already sold out. All of this since the beginning of July! whoa. 
Check out some awesome photos (and a video) below. 

The machine in action!

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