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Meet the WWR Board: Shana Nissenbaum

Tell us a little about yourself. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, then lived in central Pennsylvania, western New York, and finally moved here in 2011. I’m a 3rd grade reading teacher at National Trail Elementary School. I love teaching 8- and 9-year-olds because they get jokes and sarcasm, but also are still little kids and get excited when I get excited. I’m kind of the biggest kid in the classroom. I got my BA from Penn State University, MA in Literacy from Alfred University, and became a Level 2 NCCER certified carpenter through Ivy Tech. Why did you join the board? Well, I didn’t. As the Founder and Executive Director, I don’t get to vote. But I started this organization because I love teaching and I want all women to feel empowered. What is your favorite WWR workshop? I love pretty much all of the Mommy and Me workshops because I love watching women and children build together. My favorite of those is the candy machine. When I found the plans for it I thought, “Man I would have

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