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Seasonal Signposts!

All, we are SO excited! 
*clears throat* 
NEXT MONTH we start our Seasonal Signposts!!!
What are Seasonal Signposts?  Seasonal Signposts are a new workshop series we are starting in 2020! There's so much to celebrate throughout the year - why not personalize your seasonal decorating while learning new skills and building community?! Instead of buying a seasonal decoration that you'll see at 10 other houses in your neighborhood, make one-of-a-kind items you can be proud to tell others YOU BUILT!
The basic idea is to build a post (suitable for outdoor use!) and then build and decorate one or 20 signs to hang on that post for any event or celebration. We'll have a few seasonally appropriate signs happening each month, but we will have plans available for all of our signs! 
What signs can I make? 
What can't you make? We've got plans for all of the following signs: egg, tulip, sun, flip flop, flag, apple, pumpkin, ghost, pine tree, ornament, snow man, dog bone, jar, heart,…

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